Alan Bradley

“The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie” by Alan Bradley.

The first of a fabulous series. Flavia, the intrepid heroine, magnificent munchkin, and her family are tragically funny, dryly witty, and the curiousities of a community of misfits, ne’er do wells and plain odd folk.

Flavia, an 11 year old girl far older than her years, thrives in her ancient laboratory, surrounded by tomes of alchemy, stirring up potions to torture her sisters while solving the latest murder mystery. The cast of characters are skillfully drawn and the atmosphere as penetrating as a British fog. One feels the wind, the slide of bicycle tires on a country road as Flavie chases down the truth, fording field and stream in the pre-dawn hours. This is a series for everyone. You can’t help but smile, hold your breath, and wonder how Flavia will come out unscathed. Check out Bradley’s website dedicated to Flavia de Luce

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