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A Tweet the other day stimulated the use of “virtuous” as a writing prompt. I used it to build a character sketch and uploaded it to an online writing network — one which I highly recommend — for critique and feedback.

The feedback was fairly enthusiastic so I’ve uploaded here. You’ll find it under my “writing” menu, up in the top left corner.
The network I was referring to is

Life is a Balancing Act



Life’s a Balancing Act

Okay!  My blog is up and running and I had visitors and … I could spend hours finding more cool widgets and moving the furniture around but … the wind is blowing us a clear sky. Leaves dance in brilliant hues, littering the lawn. Time to let the keyboard chill.

Hello world!


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Self promotion is easy sitting here in front of a non-judgemental monitor — no eye rolling, no heavy sighs, no seat shifting.  Out in the Wide World, not so much.  Self-deprecation would be my tendency.  But… I am here and unjudged.  (so far).

I’m currently under contract with Freisen Press publish my latest novel.  Probably titled “Journey” though I’ve considered “Saving the Stein” and “Stagyn” — the Nlaka’pamux word meaning “hidden place” —  for the title.  Cover design and titles are so important to my choosing a book to browse so I must presume the same for others.

What a process it is, getting a book published.  Writing it felt authentic and inspired but this is awkward and anxiety driven.  I struggle to understand and use social media.  Facebook is convoluted.  My fingers sweat on the keyboard.  Twitter — oh, I am a twit on Twitter.  I stare at that little text box as if every possible word reeks of pomposity or pretension.  Stay tuned.  I might yet conquer my angst and Tweet.