Stein – The Way of the River -by M.M’Gonigle & W.Wickwire

This book was given to me in 1998. The cover is tattered from thoughtful perusal and being shifted from armchair to deckchair to my bedside table where its beautiful pictures informed my dreams. From the observations of Simon Fraser, the first to paddle the mighty Fraser, to contemporary environmentalists, this book reveals the majesty and stewardship of the Nlaka’pamux people. This is a country of plenty for those who know how to live in a sustainable way. The Stein Valley is the center of the world for the First Peoples who treasured it, painted their dreams on its rock faces, honored all things that lived within it while taking only what was needed. The book covers all aspects of its history, from pictographs to photographs, from lumber companies who wished to log it to protesters who wished to save it. This is a book that reminds us about ‘home’ and what shelter there exists in the natural world and what havoc our idea of ‘dominion over’ has wrought. This book was the inspiration for my own fictional account of the Save the Stein Campaign of the 1980’s and I thank the writers for bringing this volume into the world. My story can be found here

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