The Pressure Cooker

I don’t watch Mainstream News, but once in a while I check in to see what we’re “supposed” to know. The Breaking News last night was the terrorist bomb threat in Victoria. I was gobsmacked. Not as you may suppose but by the footprint of false flag, manipulation, the smug look on Christy Clark’s face, the downright convenience of the timing. It just smacked of spin.

So…I had to do a little research today. At the Ministry of Justice, Court Services, one can view the details of charges to the culprits, the “terrorists”.
That’s the page address.

Note the date of first offences – March 2 2013 …. kinda makes you go mmm…..I’ve no doubt these two were irrational nor were they sensible or well intentioned but…were they groomed by the very forces that subsequently, with much fanfare and photo-ops, charged them? What exactly are “covert security operations”? Is that anything like “entrapment”? Christy says “”We will not let them win. We will not let them strike fear into our hearts.”

I’m only scared of you, Christy Clark, and your handlers. The timing is so curiously convenient. I can see the masses thinking “Gosh…we need to be spied on, sure hope Christy gets a seat, never mind Senator hijinks and expenses.”

Why did we not attempt an “intervention” to save these two from their spiraling fall into destructive acts earlier, like in March, when RCMP had control, had “detected the threat early and disrupted it.”?

Who is the “They” referred to in Christy’s remarks? “They want us to view each other with suspicion. They want us to be seized with anger. They want this because they hate the things that make us Canadian. They hate the values that make B.C. and Canada the envy of the world.”
These two people ARE Canadian, albeit, sadly misguided, with no affiliation to any foreign entity. Apparently being an idiot and planning to make bombs out of pressure cookers IS Canadian.

Is anyone who doesn’t like the values, ie: pipelines and bitumen, GMO crops, oppressed First Nations, corporate welfare, or anyone who doesn’t agree that those values are enviable; are all us disgruntled, dismayed, irate, citizens, grist for the “Find the Terrorist” mill?

What is “self radicalize”? Is that the phrase to be used when they can’t find any connection to known “terrorist” groups? Is that a way of saying “It’s entirely their own fault, don’t look any closer?” What about entrapment? What about the “covert security operations”?

One has only to read the article and first responses and comments in the Tyee, to realize that I am not alone in my doubt, in my mistrust of those who wield power, in my awakening to the “spin” doctrine of the guardians of the 1%.

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